A Work In Progress

I am inspired by stones, trees, hillsides and other organic shapes. Walking in the woods where I live or scouring rocky coastlines focuses my work in the clay studio. My ceramic pieces are made from coils and slabs of earthenware and stoneware clay, I am drawn to hand-building techniques because of the imperfect and organic forms that emerge. The nuance, texture, asymmetry, and “accidents” lend a richness to my practice. Clay gives way to fingers, allowing me to add or take away, and find what it’s meant to be. It’s a perfect cure for writer’s block, or anything else I’m sorting out. Second chances are always in the cards too. Clay may dry up after a while, but it can be reconstituted and made anew.

The spiral, an ancient symbol of evolution, growth and change, often becomes part of my work. I hand-carved a clay spiral stamp that I impress into clay to “sign” my pieces. It might be the eye of a fish or an element added to the base of a sculptural piece. I am reminded of the beauty, turmoil and energy of the life cycle, always changing, always growing.

My path to ceramic sculpture was circuitous. I’ve worked as a business writer for many years, all the while dabbling in the textile arts with weaving and sewing. When I stumbled by accident into a clay studio in the 1990’s, I was taken in by the malleability of clay. After studying for a couple of years with an established clay artist, I set out on my own. With a kiln and a few tools, I find myself learning something new every day.

My pieces are in private collections from New Zealand to Italy, and all across the U.S. I’ve exhibited in a variety of juried and non-juried shows, including Out of Hand, Bits and Bobs, HarborArts Festival (Maine), Baltimore Counts at the Meyerhoff Symphony Hall, the Park School, Sugarloaf, Howard Arts & Crafts and Oregon Ridge Nature Center,  My pieces have been featured at Earth Alley, LIGHT art+design and the Farnsworth Museum Store.

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Carbery Morrow  |  carbery@carberymorrow.com  |  443/465-1792